Without the empty hand, leaves an empty heart

After Summer School, I felt really empty a big event had just come and gone in my life, and I really missed the feeling of having fun with my friends, training and gaining my Shodan-ho. After the dust had settled and I was back in normality of everyday life I felt an emptiness inside, the same emptiness that I felt when I had to leave the Kung Fu School in China, it became my home, I made some great friends there, my personal martial art had improved so much and I had to leave it. The same of when I had to leave China, emptiness and the loss of a great experience and a profound part of my life.


I found it strange that I felt like this after Dkk Summer School 2013, it is by far my favourite summer school, but I have been to several now before and after China. For me it is because of two things, I spent a year training for this, even though through illness and injury I wasn’t at the condition that I desired to be, I trained a year for this, with the martial art that I love, and through this some friendships that I have in karate have become much closer  through training for this goal and socialising more together. This helped me feel so much more relaxed and at home at summer school that we could laugh through all the rough parts and enjoy the fun parts, we helped each other drank together and have bled for each other. We had to prove ourselves in front of the london lot that we are a good club during the Nidan’s 30 man kumite  line up.


Actually seeing it in this light no wonder I can draw comparisons to my experience in China, bonded over training, over drinking in celebrations in the beautiful countryside.  So when I decided to take 2 and 1/2 weeks break from my training that I felt slightly depressed, after excess drinking and thinking of having fun, I just really missed training for a goal, training with my mates, doing karate.


One of my mates left to go back to his home country in Germany to finish his masters, he will sorely be missed, his energy and excitement that he brought to the club, his sense of humour, will be something the club will miss.



I returned to karate last thursday and even though I had a break where I swan once or twice a week but that was it, how fit I was when I returned, actually I felt fitter than I have in a long time. This goes to show that I can’t train in high intensity all the time, I want to train for a whole year for my next grade, not train hard every two months and need a month off.


Karate is my home, I still have my ambitions to train and travel around the world, but this art, this club, this spirit will always be where I belong.








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