The belt around my waist


After month’s of overtraining, of pushing through many injuries and fears, I finally excepted one of the biggest challenges of my life, and faced my fears on the field of truth, I was nervous throughout, of being apart of the 30 man kumite lineup, to not being good enough, but I finally did with the help of all the people who have shaped me to become the karateka I have become today, without their support it wouldn’t of been possible.

I finally have a blackbelt, that is strange for me to hear I am a blackbelt, I don’t feel good enough. But that is one reason why I am a Shodan-Ho and not a shodan, I have to prove myself in a years time to become a full shodan, a 1st dan in Goju Ryu. Even though I pushed myself to my limits, and know that I earned it, I don’t think I showed to everyone what I got.

The words of one of our nidans from a private conversation we has with her and my friend who has also made 2kyu were “sunday is the time for the nidans to shine and prove themselves in front of everyone why they deserve it, monday is for the future black belts” Both me and my friend have always put it on the line, we never have thought that we were good enough, we just put everything we had on the line, but perhaps that isn’t good enough, perhaps we have to prove to everyone and ourselves why we are good enough, that it is our time to shine.

Next year when he goes for Shodan-Ho and I go for full Shodan we both intend to prove to ourselves why we truly deserve that belt.


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