Pumped for karate

It felt great yesterday being able to be thrown, and to throw others to the ground. Especially when it came to facing off against one of the big lads (i’m 5 11 and 13.5 stone) and it was fun to throw him to the floor with just technique, and I felt really alive when we had the attacker with boxing gloves, and I had to do takedowns it brought me back to my rugby days and I got really psyched to smash him to the floor. I haven’t felt that side of me in training for a while, so it was really good to feel the inner beast roaring with excitement (metaphorically, I didn’t roar in the dojo!)

I brought my weighted skipping rope to class so that if I can’t do an exercise, I can just skip and it made the fitness sessions even more sweaty. It was the first time I felt like I can be ready for my shodan ho grading in june, as I can avoid or adapt the exercises that aggravate my injuries.

The last part of the session we were paired with a blackbelt to work on our kata’s, and I now know where I need to improve in saifa, seiunchin and shisochin I feel like I am stepping in the right direction.

Sorry this post isn’t as deep as usual, it just feels good to be able to train again, and train for summer school.


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