Skipping to the karate beat

I used a skipping rope in two years, and I am very surprised in how much my coordination as really improved (except when people watch me), and think it shows that martial arts make a big difference in your balance and hand eye coordination.

I started skipping again because of both injury and with me trying to get lighter on my feet for sparring. I always seem to be injured on my left side, so recently I have been trying to do things south paw style, which although lets me land a faster strike, I seem to be less able to move away and end up getting hit more. Also I find it harder to get my cross hand over but that is because I am not use to it.

I presumed it was because my left leg is my faster kicking leg, and that me right leg is my slower heavier leg so my power/speed balance was turned upside down. I discovered through skipping that although I kick faster with my left leg, it is my right leg that reacts quicker. When I skip I can jump with both, but if I run and skip on the spot I have to start with my left leg, as when I start with my right leg my left leg is too slow to come up. It is the same if I hop and skip, on my right leg it is piss easy, but I have to really concentrate on my left leg as it is slightly slower.

Which means that when I spar in my normal stance I can get away from quicks quicker, but if I am in south paw my left leg doesn’t react as fast and therefore I am taking the hits.

So hopefully more skipping will equal faster fit reaction, and better hand eye coordination.


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