Karate- Recovery phase

Everytime I try to push myself to the next level in preparation for the grading at summer school the more I seem to get injured, pulling my back, and aggravating my ribs and shoulder. I should learn from the past, when I was training in China studying Kung fu for 3 months I was really progressing well after the first 2 weeks when the body goes into shock from doing super daily training, and I learnt that if I had a bad week it was from a lack of protein.

After the two month period I seemed to be getting weaker, I kept getting little niggles here and there, my speed was dropping, knees were aching and my recovery was really slowing down. Even though this period in my life laid the foundations on how I should approach both strength training and martial arts that I needed to train more with higher volume and supersets in order for me to progress. If you don’t let yourself recovery and rest it will do damage to you, I couldn’t make any new progress, which is probably why in my last week of Kung fu in china I switched to bajiquan to try out a new martial art, one that was my complete opposite that focuses on relaxed power, low stances and is extremely dynamic, the worst thing to be in this art is tense, and everyone there and here had always known me for being very tense in everything I did.

A lot of people lost weight and got a lot leaner, I wasn’t one of those, even though I didn’t look as big as I was prior to China (resulted from my depression period) my weight stayed the same.

Then when the Kung Fu period was over (it felt like I lost a huge part of myself) me and Ronny my Austrian friend I had made at the school, we went travelling to Xian, Beijing and Shanghai for three weeks. We trained maybe three times in that period, but all we focused on was living life to the full, lots and lots of site seeing, meeting up with Chinese girls, exotic foods, more sit seeing and more drinking. We walked for ages everywhere, stairs everywhere (there is a reason why most Asians are skinny!) everywhere in the big cities you had to walk ages to, and then with me and Ronny disagreeing that meant even more, with our obsession to see everything that we could.

It may seem like I have gone off in another direction but remember I said that I didn’t lose any weight and was always injured, well after my three weeks of site seeing and having mad adventures in the big cities I was at my leanest (up to that time, my leanest was for my last grading) that I had ever been in my adult life, I felt refreshed energised, and even though I had stopped running, my fitness said at a really high level for 6 + months. There was one down side, I had to rebuild the strength in my chest because of overtraining and lack of protein when I was kung fu training, but the point is the Kung Fu training did me a lot of good, but it was my three week layoff of just having fun and lots of walking that enabled me to train even harder.

I trained hard for the last summer school grading, and afterwards even though I needed to rest I ploughed on through, as I have been doing ever since. In December with my new job, with different shifts my energy levels have been drained, but I had increased my effort to get ready, which started a whole new supply of injuries.

I am my own worst enemy, I am doing myself an injustice by not being able to train 100% through all these injuries I keep getting, so from the advice of a few friends, karate ka and my dad I will have a 2 week break from strength training and karate, just let the body heal, doing gentle Sunsalutation, skipping (when it is fixed) and lots of walking. This will drive me mad, well madder than usual but I will still have 2 and a half months to train for my grading, and I need to take care of myself.


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