Core strength

My ab strength as really increased recently, as well as my diamond pressup’s (for years I have been stuck on 17 for max, this year it has shot up to 36) and my close grip pullups (which shot up from 11 to 18, and generally they had been my weakest type of pullup. Last week I ended up doing more situps, with slow and control than before, despite not doing situps in weeks, and I think the reason why is that in my strength routine I have been doing diamond pressup’s with my leg high in the air, and have been doing beginner pistol squats via a chair.

These two exercises not only put more strain on one side of your chest or leg, but they also put more strain and effort on one side of your abdominals meaning that they have to work much harder, my core was always a weakness with diamond pressup’s, and the only way to do a proper pistol squat is to almost crunch your abs as you are pushing yourself up on your one leg.

I have gotten much stronger and seen more gains in the last year through experimenting with bodyweight exercises, especially with the principles of supersets and GTG and eating much more protein.


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