March strength progress

I have noticed that although the quantity of my output has gone done, the quality has gone up. It is definitely because of a mixture of sunsalutation and GTG style workouts, I have noticed that lets for instance the quality of my pressup’s   has really improved, even when I am squeezing out the last few reps. Volume training is probably something that I should of started years ago, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I also think the quality of my workouts has really increased because I am consuming much more protein than before (and keeping more of an eye on it) and that I have been focusing much more on my core strength, which has sky rocketed (I can now do pullup leg raises, and with controlled effort get my feet to touch the bar (legs slightly bent, I’m still very inflexible after all!) which I have noticed with my pressup’s really improving, and I broke a personal best with the amount of situps I can do in a one set (98). I have had to stop doing dips for a while, as it is just making things worse, and when I redesigned my version of sunsalutation to be thrice as hard just made some injuries much, much worse. I am like a bull in a china shop, I just go mad at anything I do.

It is nice to know I am improving on something with my shoulder and ribs still playing up.


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