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Last night was a good session for me, it was pad drills with sparring in between, and while most of the class were going about 80% hard, I and a blackbelt as wounded warriors were doing light sparring. It was very useful for me because after he was beating me, he was pointing out in what ways I am quite open. As someone who is naturally heavy footed, I tend to drive a lot into Zenkutsu dachi stance, put all my weight on the lead leg and therefore I am open to not only a lot of leg kicks, but also my were easily anticipated  because I was so heavy in my stance. It is something that I have struggled with for a while, and I will have to find a way to get lighter on my feet (any suggestions apart from skipping?)

Also he high lighted that on the pads that I am not using enough hip for the higher kicks, and seem to try and kick like I’m kicking a football (I hate football, well soccer for you American’s) and it shows me that I have to refocus on that area again, and practice that long combo drill I created a while back again, maybe if I try and combine that drill with a lighter footwork that it will help me in the long term.

I thought it was quite funny that the pad drill was on my normal fighting side, and when I was sparring I was doing south paw stance, I notice that when I sparred with south paw stance that my near arm (right) was a lot quicker as it was closer to the target, but my cross felt much longer and I felt much more exposed, then I do when I am sparring on my natural side. It is weird to think that fighting left or right side can make such a huge difference.

On a side note he noticed that when we just sparred arms that I was a lot closer in and more attacking but ignored my stance work, and when we included legs, I fight much further back.

For me this was a really, really good session, I have some more things I can try and improve on to help me become a much better martial artist.


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