Karate Kids Anecdotes

Some of the funniest thing you hear come from the mouth of kids, here are just a few that I have heard of.

  1. When a kid was getting ready for his first lesson (and my first teaching lesson) he was giving himself a little mantra to give him confidence to go into his first lesson. “I’m a kung fu master, I am a kung fu master, I am a master of kung fu and I am going to do karate!
  2. One of the youngest girls asked me if she could have my brown belt. I replied that if she keeps training for a several years and works hard, she will one day earn it. Then she moaned “but that won’t be for a billion contrillion years!
  3. I was showing the teacher’s daughter how to do pressup for the pressup challenge next week. She replied “My daddy is better than you, I am going to get him to teach me instead!” I laughed “well he is a second dan”
  4. The teacher’s daughter was struggling with a technique, and so I explained and demonstrated it via being very imaginative way. And when she got it she said “Daniel is much better at karate and teaching then you are mommy!” This being said to a woman considered one of the best in our association and a woman who has faced the 30 man Kumite, it was quite funny to hear, as I said in another post she is an amazing teacher. Quite clearly her daughter has decided that I am actually not that bad.
  5. We had a mini competition to get the kids use to sparring, by trying to grab a belt or tag that was on the back of their opponent. We had one big boy and one small boy face each other, and the small boy says “he is much bigger and stronger than me, I can never win”, I replied that he is small, so he has speed and agility on his side, he then announces “ I am the fastest thing alive, I am like motorbike! No one is as fast as me!” He proceeded to win the match and the mini tournament we had for the kids. It was very funny watching him bounce everywhere.
  6. This one isn’t at kids karate, it is to do with swimming, but it is funny.  This kid kept hitting his head on the pool side when swimming. I said to him that he should look after his head and be aware of the sides, he responded “ My head is indestructible, because I can dent my water bottle with it!” What can you say to that!
  7. Last week I mentioned that I got broken ribs, two of the oldest girls asked how, and I demonstrated a knee strike, and one of the girls responded “Who would be stupid enough to kick Dan?”



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