Karate time jump

So as you know I am still recovering from my rib injury, combine that with an new awkward job means that I am finally back in the mould of training, I got injured on the first session in early January, but prior to that it might have been early December when I was able to train regularly.

It does feel good to be back, but I had noticed during training that I seem to be in a different time lap. Sensei has phases of what he likes to focus on, what he wants everyone to improve on in one aspect and then move on to his next project that he wants to focus on. Well from a combination of me finally being able to do high kicks, and practicing them whilst being injured (not initially, I couldn’t even do kata) meant I when was sparring (only drills, when it came to full sparring, I sensibly practiced kata on the sidelines) with a a new guy from Goju Kai he asked me if I trained in a different style, because I was doing a lot of different kicks to everyone else, that he happily matched with me. I pointed out that it depended on build, and a few of them do, do these kicks.

And that comment got me watching, and I noticed that normally when you aim for rib shots, you can normally get them with the correct speed and technique, but everyone had the same kind of guard which meant all that you were faced with were pointy elbows. I also noticed that they had more of a tendency to be doing reaps and aiming for my lower legs.

It is interesting, seeing that the way they spar has slightly changed from my absence, or maybe with my shadow boxing, without the focus on tight defence all the time, that I have loosened up a lot more in my attack. I know it is something that I have been slowly working on (about 8months) and maybe this time away from the dojo has given me the confidence to kick more than I would of done.


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