This is what I needed, three things that brought a big smile to my face, teaching the kids, training in the dojo and drinking afterwards with a few karate pals chatting about martial arts.

I have definitely grown in confidence with the kids at karate, and it was a joy to help teach them. The new assistant is a nice chap, who will be doing most of the sessions, as I can no longer guarantee that I can go to every class. He himself is only a redbelt (9 kyu) and hasn’t been doing karate that long, but seems to have a real passion for it. I am sure that this role will help him mature into a fine karateka one day, as with teaching kids the basics, you are having to learn and feel the mechanics behind it, enabling you to teach more efficiently and helping to engrain it into your instincts more. Having another karateka help teach, also helped me to be even more at ease, with the fact that he is learning with how to deal with the kids and I know how he feels, as I have been going through that same path.

It was really good to catch up with mates in karate, and to being able to train in what I love. The atmosphere was slightly different, with there being a reporter who was taking part in the session. My confidence in teaching has really changed something in me, and with a one or two of the lower belts I was giving them some tips. I noticed this on Saturday and I will have to be careful that this new confidence in my teaching abilities doesn’t turn into arrogance. The sensei and sempai’s are there to teach everyone, but it seems that through teaching, my understanding has increased.

It was both exciting to see a Shodan from Goju Kai, seeing the similarities and differences, and being able to have a drink or two with him and a few others. I don’t like the term, but this brotherhood that we all share through Goju is what I probably missed most during my absence, it is strange, but as a friend says when you fight someone, you suddenly know them very well almost on a spiritual level, and you can make very good friendships from it. I consider myself lucky to have made such good friends through this art.


3 Responses to karate-Kids-Dojo-Cider

  1. Kristin :) says:

    Haha that’s so great! When I train with my buddies, we always go out for sushi and drinks on Thursdays! 🙂 Its awesome.

    Looks like class is going well. And I hope your ribs are okay!

    • djsolly1 says:

      They are slowly getting better, very slowly, I can do pullups again, and I can’t lie down on my back and most ab exercises are out, but i can now do kicks! Thankyou for asking, sushi does sound nice!

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