An awesome karateka


The woman who teaches kids karate (the class that I help out with) is a Nidan, and even though she has a small frame, through pure skill and technique packs a very heavy punch. I was surprised last night at training with how much power she had, she had the kind of power in her punches to revival a few of the men!

I have heard it be said that her and her husband are probably two of the best fighters our branch has ever seen. I heard a lot about how good they were, and to be honest I was intimidated to meet the for the first time. There was no need.

They couldn’t be nicer people, who have a strong passion and skill for our style of karate, they look like everyday people but they have this air of a martial artist about them. One small girl who was helping out in the fights for the womans 30man Kumite was told by Sensei that she has the same technique and she could become one of the best if she kept practicing. The fact that both are small means that they have had to make their technique that much better than anyone else’s, it means that they have a better understanding of what they need to do, whereas most men rely on their natural strength.

It has been really inspiring to watch her teach kids, and although I am there to help the kids evolve, a small part of me there is to improve my own karate skills, by being near someone that highly skilled, the more she demonstrates for the kids, the more I learn, so that I can improve my teaching, and improve the way I fight. But last night for only 10minutes she took us brown belts (and the Shodan from Goju Kai) and was watching our Geksai’s and Sanchin kata. Just with her simply observation and with her saying as brown belts how we should make them more applicable to fighting was simply amazing. Me and my friend nearly had our mouths hanging at how with a few minor changes in our technique (and how it has to be different from the lower kyu’s) and our mindset for them, to me had almost completely revolutionised the way I view them.

I have always tried to in my mind make them all about fighting, but she was able to have us have the same moves and make the so much more efficient, and show us in a fight why how one of the brown belts technique wouldn’t work, and how this small change would was simply amazing.

My friend said he wished she taught adult classes, he would train under her straight away. Whilst I realised how teaching under her in kids karate has been having a real positive effect on my own karate skills. Her last words to us that night was that if you only remember one thing from tonight, then that is all that is important, and that we should focus our attention on what Sensei does with his hips and feet whenever he does a technique, especially during Sanchin, the more we watch him and try to mimic him, the more we will feel how the Sanchin within us.


2 Responses to An awesome karateka

  1. Of course, I know who you’re talking about… and I completely agree. She’s very good!

    • djsolly1 says:

      Just think how good your son will be under her!
      I should be training at your end this week, if so I might be doing early’s and so maybe napping in a blue corsa. Please feel free to knock on the window

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