Spiritual experience

If you’re not interested in hearing about the topic of spiritual experience, then please don’t feel like you have to read this post, as this is about a series of spiritual experiences that has happened to me, with the biggest happening last Monday. I am someone who is a strong believer in philosophy, the discovery of truth, that the power of rationality can find the answers, that science knows a lot of the answers, but is in itself a new religion against things that it does not agree with. In that sense I’m inbetween science and religion, I want to know the true truth of the world. So this spiritual experience might seem too wacky, and if your more into only the natural sense of the world, than this post isn’t for you.

I now presume if you’re still reading that this topic peaks your interest, so let me get started with the most recent experience. Last Monday I went to a Qigong class, and this style of Qigong is something I tried out once prior to my time in China, but is only the second one I have been to since my return. Qigong is all about improving the flow of your natural energy be known as chi (Qi) around the body, it is meant to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. I am someone who rationally thinks that chi exists; it is just that the west has a different term for it.

Well last Monday during one exercise which is meant to hold Chi, and is in a physically sense making tense in certain muscles (shoulders mainly) for a long period of time, and then you release this energy. Normally you fill the tension release and then your muscles fill better. But the experience I had that evening was very strange. Normally I feel like an energy that most people feel warm, but I feel is cool around the body, it could be just sweat and body mechanics, I don’t know. I also know that when you do Qigong with other people, you feel more positive energy in the room, like you do at a rock concert. Well this time during the endurance phase, my shoulders felt intense pain and heat (nothing to strange as endurance isn’t my strong point), and then when we changed it to the part where it releases this trapped or built up energy, I felt the energy tense around my heart, it started to build with this kind of pressure all around my chest, building from my arms, and all I can think of was that I was absorbing too much chi, like everyone’s energy plus my own was building up inside of me, and then it felt like cold fire erupted from hands, about 6 inches in the air from both hands, and this build up of excessive energy was being released.

I know it sounds strange, but that was what it felt like at the time. The next event was when we had to meditate to the music. And as it got more peaceful, and my eyes were half closed, I could see a eye in between my eyelids. Now I know it wasn’t a reflection of my own eyes (if that’s possible) as I clearly have brown eyes, and this eye was blue with a green circle within. Talking to my sister after the class she told me that it sounds like it was my third eye, which I find strange as she has never experienced anything like this and she seems to be more spiritual than I am.

Now before I tell you about others, let me get one thing clear apparently to experience these things you are meant to be a believer in that faith, whether it is Hinduism, Buddhism, or the branch of Qigong I was practicing. But I am not, I am very open minded, a lot of what the says makes sense, but equally there are things they say that I can’t agree with.

This lead me to think about any other previous spiritual experience I have had, well the previous time I took this Qigong class (never on my own) I saw this third eye, which I thought was just a reflection in my eye lids. And on both occasions my ribs hurt a lot less and I can move a lot more.

But this isn’t just isolated to this Chinese practice, I have felt this when I did Yoga, Ironically it was P90X yoga, which is so strainful and too tense to be any good, but I had to complete it, but after 90mins of hell there was the meditating part, and omg I felt very Zen like, and felt something in the middle of my forehead, and saw something in my eyelids.

Then before that was when I went to a church with my grandmother. Now most churches I feel nothing, but this one church I felt this cold but friendly presence. Which is very strange seeming that I had my first spiritual experience the previous day.

We went to this Buddhist show in a town hall in Bath, and there were a few Buddhist nuns giving a real interesting chat. My sister is really interested in this stuff, and I am just very open minded. Well the nun’s came to bless us, and she touched my head. And it felt like that an egg went down my head and neck, I even checked to see if there was egg on my head. There wasn’t. My sister tells me that this is Chi flowing down your head, and that the nun could of given me some Chi.

It is definitely something to ponder, but for most of my life I have never had any religious experience, all the way up to my great depression when everything went wrong, I hated myself and I nearly made a stupid mistake. I prayed for some spiritual experience to show me the way. It never did, it was pure philosophical logic that stopped me making a mistake and put my head straight, even though that took a very long time to do so.

So I must of lost something back there in the abyss t start getting these experiences, but that doesn’t explain why I have been experiencing them. I really appreciate them, but I am not a believer of that Qigong styles faith, or anything else, I am just really open minded. They often say that you have to be a believer to experience it, but one of my best friends (who is a pagan) said to me why do you have to be a believer to experience something.

So far I have had an experience in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and this Qigong style which is a sort of Buddhist religion. Surely this means that all of them are partially right in an ultimate truth?


8 Responses to Spiritual experience

  1. Kristin :) says:

    Wowow, I really love how you’re so open to different religions! Inspiring post. I, too believe that i’m in the “inbetween” of science and religion. Both beliefs are very interesting to me, and always reminds me to keep an open mind 🙂

    • djsolly1 says:

      Thanks, I was worried people thought that I had lost the plot. I do think that people are too constrait by their point of view, and miss so much of the world around them.

  2. moxyjen says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would think that you had to “believe” in spiritual experiences for them to happen to you. I’m not even convinced that there is a correlation between belief and having an experience. I think spirituality expands upon the odd experiences that defy our expectations. Those experiences just happen to people, and it’s up to the person to decide after, if it was ‘spiritual’ or if they were ‘just really tired’ or something. Not being spiritual doesn’t mean you can somehow prevent these strange events from taking place in your brain. It’s some sort of very real neurological occurrence, and we don’t have control at that level. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. bearshouse says:

    I was taught that everything is spiritual. Nothing is not spiritual. To say something or someone is more or less spiritual is like saying water is more or less wet. We all have different levels of training and experience in spiritual skill. Very similar to martial arts. I read that though you reserve you belief in any one specific system you keep and “open mind”. So you have great faith in something and make your self an willing open conduit to experience. This is wonderful.

    Experience come to you rather purely, without a filter of dogma or religion. The problem comes when you try to put a spiritual experience into words. Spirit doesn’t communicate in words. Spirit uses feelings, emotions, sensations, sensory information. Our brain assigns meaning.

    You experienced the buddist nun breaking an egg on your head. You sound like you experience very tactile sensations when dealing in Chi/ Ki/ Qi.

    No one can tell you what a vision or a Vision means. Certainly people can help guide. But Spirit communicate in a highly personal level using feelings that only you would be able to interpret or use.

    I have no frame of reference for the third eye situations. I know the sixth chakra is locate in our forehead area and is associated with inner-self vision and clarity. I would give you the sacred questions to achieve personal interpretations of these experience.
    -What does it mean to me? (you)
    -What is this telling me? (you)
    -How does this make me feel? (you)

    We apply these questions to everything. Awareness is a vehicle and we decide where to go.

    • djsolly1 says:

      Thank you for your perspective, I really appreciate it. It would be hard to answer the questions as I am looking at it from hindsight, but I will try.
      1- It means that I am not alone
      2-There is more to life than meets the eye

  4. Dan, you’re right, you are losing the plot! Ha only joking.
    Some time back I blogged something I called the Core to all (see http://thecolourofmymind.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/the-core-to-all/) and my interpretation of your experiences would be that you are feeling what the very first pioneers of ‘religion’ felt long before what they learned became tainted with dogma.
    I don’t think that you are in-between religions, rather that you have transcended the need for organised religion and found the core to everything. I would say that you should now work on understanding how far this feeling goes.

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