Qigong and karate Shadow boxing


I strength train regularly, it is another hobby of mine which is making me see a lot of gains not only in strength terms but also in karate terms, but it is sometimes a hindrance. On the one hand it makes me stronger, more explosive and more able to resist body shots, on the other hand it makes the tendons too tense which decrease my flexibility and reduce the speed of my punches.

Recently I have been feeling even tenser in the shoulders; I have been doing my version of sunsalutation which has improved my flexibility and endurance and strengthening some weak areas prone to injury. I even notice the improvement this has made when I occasionally go to a Qigong class. But sunsalutation hasn’t helped relieve the tension in my shoulders.

When I shadow box, it is much looser and faster (well there isn’t an opponent) than when I spar, but I still feel the tension slowly me down. Then I went to Qigong last night. Apart from having a really weird spiritual experience (which I may or may not write in another post, depending on how open minded people are) the exercises increase a lot of tension in the problem areas, then release it through relaxing moves.

So when I went home, all relaxed I didn’t even notice a difference, until I felt a sudden urge to shadow box, and oh boy did I feel lose and relaxed and my punches were as fast, as they were when I came back from China with all that kung fu and some qigong training. Just able to explode with a series of strikes, and enjoying the fact that it felt like the body was just reacting without me thinking, and not being constraint by over tense muscles.

This does have me thinking that strength training works on the Go side of my karate, and the qigong works on my Ju side, after discovering how much an impact that Sanchin makes in shadow boxing (after I was analysing a very good blackbelt in our dojo, and a former savate champion I trained with in China), it is all starting to fit together. I knew Qigong was good for your body, and it helps with your chi (Qi) or energy system, and I have noticed that the style of qigong I have been learning is similar to a internal martial art I learnt in China called bajiquan, but I didn’t think it would immediately have this kind of impact.

I won’t be able to test out any of this in the dojo, until my ribs are healed, even know I am learning new ways for me to spar, I will stick with my very defensive style until I am healed.


6 Responses to Qigong and karate Shadow boxing

  1. moxyjen says:

    I’d be interested to hear about your qigong experience if you decide to blog it.

  2. bearshouse says:

    I’d also would like to read about your experience. Also would like to read more discussion on the application of sanchin. a few days ago some students of our school discussed the possible bunkai of sanchin and deeper “hidden” teachings of that student form. I be intereseted to hear your thoughts.

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