Who am I?

I am proud and loud,

Yet I am quiet and shy,

I am as strong as an Ox,

Yet as gentle as a kitten,

My heart is full of dreams,

Yet the land is holding me back,

I was born to swim,

I yearn for adventure,

Yet home is the only haven that I know,

Fear and aggression are both allies and enemies,

That I must confront night and day,

I fear the loss of what I know,

I fear that I may never do what my heart yearns,

My aggression what I like to call my tribal side,

Maybe from Maori lineage,

Makes me stronger against my foes,

Whether sparring or in life,

The tribal blood gives me the spirit of life,

People tell me not to dream,

To stick to the real world,

But what is the real world,

I am defined by my dreams,

What is a soul without dreams,

Without my dreams,

Who am I?


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