The return of Daniel San

I’m not 100% ready yet, but I was able to go the technical session yesterday (before the rugby which England won!), and I had a very big smile on my face. Even though we did a bit of light sparring and clinching, I was sensible enough to know when to step back from it. We started off the sparring with three punch drill (quiet heavy) and later three strike drill, It was weird to be conditioned on the one side of the body, and that the aims for my rib didn’t freak me out, it was the uppercuts into the ab. I was mainly south paw (left handed) to protect my ribs, and I noticed how defensive I was, which lead me to being very heavy footed (I will explain more in my next post).

I felt a new confidence in what I was doing, which is strange since I missed the last few weeks of training, and when I got to do a little throwing, I had to focus on technique for a change (I couldn’t risk straining the ribs and muscles around them) and they actually felt stronger than usual.

I will have to keep in mind, that it is baby steps, my conditioning (not fitness, but the blows I can take) has gone down hill, and once I’m healed will be something that I have to work on. But it was great to be back in the dojo, and around people i like hanging around with, I feel like I have let the club down a bit with my disappearance the last few weeks, and considering the club is going through a rough patch, but I will be there. Daniel San has returned


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