Shadow boxing (and Sanchin)

So, with being injured, I haven’t been able to focus on my strengths, of lets say going for the big hits and charging forward, so when I do shadow boxing I have been trying to go for lighter faster strikes, and work more as a tactician fighter, rather than the brawler I tend to lean towards.

When I went training yesterday, I noticed how my sparring hadn’t really changed, largely to me making sure that I wasn’t getting hit too much (and how flat footed I had remained). Alot of my strengths is that i have a good close guard which means I can make sure that a large part of me is protected, I can absorb some decent hits for when I open up close quarters  I have noticed that alot of people can’t use any power at close range with their elbows bent, something which I have always been able to use. But it means I am more flat footed, easier to hit when I go to strike, as my guard is much closer in than others, I need more time to fire it out.

Since china I have been trying to work on quicker hands, and using Kakie (or sticky hands) principles to get me to open up the target, and to an extent I have been able to do so, unless they are much faster or much much bigger. This also means that I am getting less hit, and using more of my quicker reflexes, but I am not sparring to the potential that I believe I have. Also what other people think as toughness, is actually me being in my zone of comfort, I know people can’t hit as hard if I am out of their range or too close inside their range, I am not normally fighting in the area that others fight, because basically of fear of getting hit too hard and not being able to fire out the quick punches.

So in shadow boxing I have been work on my Ali and Tyson, or more like my Apollo creed  and Rocky. I have been for a while working on my longer range, as it isn’t something that isn’t that natural to me and the close range, of how to open them up whilst still keeping my guard. I have been watching Kyokushin fights (our sparring is similar to theirs) and boxing fights, and trying to develop myself into a more instinctive fighter, rather than just a brawler. Then I was thinking of the Sanchin book I read, what my training mate  of my new reactive tendency I accidentally learnt in china (from makiwara board training, I developed a certain reflex), Michael jay Whites analysis of perception punch and how certain blackbelts fight, all came to me last night when I was shadow boxing last night. Stuff I have been thinking about for a few months, but haven’t been able to put into practice.

When I was practicing my close range style, it suddenly clicked on how one blackbelt is very good at making people drop and their body, and then follow through with a knee strike when they are defenceless, and I realised it was all in Sanchin, the spitting, dropping the body weight and pulling with the other punch, and it was exciting. Then Working on my longer ranger, and recalling michael jay whites videos on fast reflex punches, and ones you don’t see that it also related to the Sanchin book, which shows you how to perform strikes, with all the body mechanics without giving away your  intention. This also made realise why my strikes take longer, that the guard is too close to my body therefore I generally need more time to fire the strikes out.

I know that the principles I am learning in my spare time, will take along time to happen when I am fighting in the dojo, firstly with the ribs, then fear, and then years of certain habits falling will take a long time to adapt, but I feel that this is a right step in the right direction. I am not trying to completely changed the way I normally fight, and in gradings it is a blessing, but I want the brawler to evolve  as the higher up I go, the harder it gets.

But I was really surprised with how Sanchin itself has been helping me with my shadow boxing.


One Response to Shadow boxing (and Sanchin)

  1. bearshouse says:

    I like to work Sanchin. Standing in shadow box or makiwara with both arms out in the block position or open hand. Throw the punch from where the hand is and pull right back. Plus or minus shoulder of hip involvement. I focus the fist from the mid block, to the punch and back, slow, fast and all in between. I keep my elbows inside my ribs but the shoulder and lats engaged.

    Thanks for sharing.

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