Geksai Dai Ichi- Great power

The last few weeks I haven’t been able to do any of the kata’s (Bar Sanchin) at full speed or power, I have been able to keep most of the tension and just focus on correct form whenever I do them, which depends on the shift I am on and how I am feeling at the time. And the moment I put the Gi on and was doing Geksai Dai Ichi with the kids, boy did it feel good to do it at full power again. But I definitely noticed a difference in my Geksai (the moment I put my Gi on I pretended I wasn’t hurt) whether it was just because of my new Gi which makes awesome sounds every time I a do a move with good speed/power/technique it makes a wonderful snapping noise.Or whether it is because I have been focusing on good form rather than focusing on speed and power helped to make it more accurate (at least for last night), or whether is my big focus on Sanchin at the moment, or possible a mixture of all three, my Geksai felt snapper and more powerful then before, with much less effort.

Maybe this is a benefit to being injured, I am forced to go against my nature and take it slowly, and trying (mainly in vain lol) to get the techniques and stances right. I am so naturally all about using my natural power and strength, it takes away from the technique and makes it slower/sloppier than it needs to be. This is stuff I have known before, but being human I prefer the kind of training that focus on my strength, as opposed to the training stuff that are more akin to my weaknesses or areas that I really need to focus on.

So I will carry on focusing on the correct technique, and keep it down several notches until I am healed and can go back to the main dojo again. The main reason I have been told to stay away from the dojo, is because of my nature, if I train, I have to do it 110% effort or 0% effort there is no in between with me. If I go do any other form of training, it has to be intense, that’s the way I am. But now I have to let it heal, because I have re-injured thrice within two weeks for being stubborn, I believe that I am seeing more positives in this resting period. it does show that martial arts like tai chi, or exercises like Qigong can create soft power, even if you apply this to the very Go kata’s like the Geksai’s.

But oh boy, did my geksai dai ichi feel incredibly powerful!











2 Responses to Geksai Dai Ichi- Great power

  1. sushicurious says:

    Even as a Shotokan karateka, I love Sanchin.

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