Progress report on story blog

I find it very interesting as when I get the chance to write now and then on my second blog (private at the moment, but when I think it’s more ready it will be public), how the stories are developing, for one I am using one of my original stories (and a dream) and adapting it, with other ideas I had at the time, with how I have evolved other story idea’s over the years. The other is based on the board game heroquest, who a friend of mine has been adapting it into a even more unique board game, and the “quests” we have done on through the story arc, I have adapted and changed with my own image and have been creating a traditional fantasy land moulded in my own mind’s image. It has given my idea’s a new lease of life, in the way that characters have grown, the choices they had made, have shaped the world. And how I have reinterpreted them into my own fantasy world.

Many fantasy authors play RPG board games to help them create their worlds, and help to define characters. And I see why, in these kind of games the characters and world never do what you want, or expect them to do, and players have their own way of playing. Hence it makes it feel more organic. Then the writers can bring this unpredictability into their own world, to help give it a richer and more three dimensional world/story/characters.

Also, I have written a side part to a story. The problem (a good one) is that it could easily fit into either story, changing and moulding that story, and I don’t know which story to put this mini arc in, which would change the way I write them.

The world started off as heroquest, but is fast becoming a different universe. A world with a simple name, but that is for when I release that blog.


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