Back in a Gi, assisting in kids karate

So I had a chance to go back to kids karate today, and after 6 weeks I was surprised with how happy I was to see them, how they have grown and how their karate is slowly improving. It also felt amazing to be back in a gi and show them how to do geksai dai ichi. With my new gi making beautiful snaps every time I threw a punch or kick (my old gi is a judo gi, so it is really heavy and doesn’t make a noise!) it felt great to be back in the karate environment.

Even though my new job has been messing with me being able to go to the dojo as much as I want to go, (also the rib injury, damn you, you broken rib!)I was surprised with how I was with the kids. Before this new job, I was scared of kids, they are like weird little creatures (I know, people who know me say I am a big kid) but there are so many of them, like an army invasion force all of there own. I got more use to kids with teaching kids, but with this job I am so used to armies of kids coming in and out, I have out grown my fear, and they are just funny little people now.

So when I came back to karate kids, it was amazing not to have this fear and shyness around them, which will lead me (depending if I can keep getting Thursdays off) to becoming better at teaching karate, and therefore a better karateka. In the class it is definitely a tag team between me and Caroline (The main teacher who is a Nidan) with teaching the kids, as they either get easily distracted.  Even though there is someone else in my place teaching the kids, I don’t resent it has it gives them an opportunity to grow, but I really appreciate the fact that I’m allowed to help out in any class that I am able to go to, and hearing how he is struggling (he is very new to karate, as much as the kids are) with the kids, shows both how much he has to learn (and how it will make him a much better karateka in the long run) and how looking in hindsight I was better then I though I was with the kids, knowing this gives me more confidence with teaching kids.

I will finish this blog post with saying, that going back to karate, even if it isn’t the main training feels like I came back home.


5 Responses to Back in a Gi, assisting in kids karate

  1. Kristin :) says:

    Oss! Sounds like things are going well on the Martial Arts front 🙂 Kids are quite tough to train at first, but as a teacher, you really have the opportunity to make a huge difference in their lives! I will always remember my influential teachers!! 🙂

    • djsolly1 says:

      Well I can’t do alot because of the injury,but because I can’t do alot it is becoming even more dominate in my thoughts, and I’m trying to do things I wouldn’t normally do to keep my standards up.

      Yes, it is a scary thought, but I can’t think of myself as a teacher! But I do enjoy seeing them progress.

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