The many ways of Sanchin

Not only are there many versions of Sanchin (or Sanzhan in Chinese), there are many ways to perform or practice the kata. When ever I am injured, I up the tension and turn it into an isolation exercise, to maintain or build strength in the muscles (upper and lower) so that you can keep up your training and train around your injuries. When I am feeling stressed, I take most of the tension away and have a Zen like view, like Qigong  I use it when I have a spare minute or two to bring me back to myself, and feel that I am not losing my mind, I am still in control or when I need to get some peace for the sole. Or when I am forced to be away from the dojo, I end up exaggerating the moves, trying to emphasis it’s martial aspect, the lifting of the blocks, the sinking of the legs, being relaxed and tense, over emphasising the hip movement with the once inch punch.

In any of the case’s, or in whatever way that you train Sanchin, it doesn’t take too much time, and you can quickly disguise it if someone comes into the room, making me really appreciate the okinawan factor of persevering their art through hidden forms, it means I can keep practicing the core of my karate training wherever I may be.


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