Strength training, with karate in mind

During Christmas and a few weeks after words I was focusing a lot on plyometric, explosive training etc, through use of weighted vest, kettlebells, etc. I was seeing great results. The idea of this was to get more explosive and faster for when I am sparring, it was the start to the long road to my next grade Shodan Ho. I also started to do running again, which in itself shows how dedicated to karate I am, as I don’t like running, mainly because I like to run fast explosive, sprinting, and I don’t tend to have the patience for long distance running.

The plan was to be fitter and faster, and try to get more powerful for when I will have to face big opponents and face the gruelling grading after a weekend of training at summer camp. But with the recent rib injury I have adapted and changed my long term plan. After a month of power training, I am doing the Armstrong routine (modified and a few extras as well), as it will not be too taxing for my ribs, and will allow me to increase the rep range of my press-ups etc. Then when my ribs won’t jar from doing kata and jumping I will start my cardio again. Start running and swimming, but make the swimming a circuit with press-ups etc. I will then do the GTG routine, to really increase my max sets of press-ups/situps/pullups/squats and reintroduce my explosive training.

GTG will make a good edition, as long as I make sure I ease up, when I can train in the dojo, to increase my endurance, as that is one of my weak spots in my training. Even though I hate this rib injury, in some ways it is a blessing in disguise, in that I would of just kept training in the way I wanted to, rather than the way I need to. It has forced me to keep the idea of keep experimenting, but to plan ahead, I was increasing the intensity and power, now I am increasing the rep ranges.


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