Increase the reps-Armstrong routine and GTG workout

Armstrong pullup program

The Armstrong routine was designed to help you increase your max set of pullups within 6-8 weeks, major Armstrong created it to increase anyone’s pullups range and he used it to try and do the most pullups in one go, in one hour and in a 24 hour period. It consists of press-ups in the morning, and pullups in the evening, It is meant to be three sets of max press-ups in the morning, and a different type of pullup workout each day. When I modified it to keep up the intensity I had from my previous training program but so that I could still train for my grading (I was training around an injury).

You can apply it to anything you want to work on, so swap the pullups and press-ups so that you are doing it to increase your press-up range, or work on dips, chinups, squats etc. Personally I changed it to five sets for press-ups, with a different pressup exercise everyday but on a Tuesday focus on the 4 superset pressup exercises (Which can be found on barstarzz youtube/facebook or their own website.), I then added a dip and an ab exercise everyday with shiga dachi squat holds. All for five sets.

I did this every weekday to keep up my training (I was also doing swimming/burpee circuit training for cardio) and to increase my rep range for my last grading.

This time I will start my cardio again when my ribs are healed, and have reduced the sets back to three for the pressup/abs/dips, and focusing on form slow and deep (FSD) and am doing leg work via stances at work. It is giving me a chance to raise the rep ranges while having good form which is not only good for the grading, but also it isn’t jarring on my ribs. I find this routine very diversifiable and I think as martial artist we tend to ignore the back muscles which are important for all round health, strength and power.

GTG workout.

This is an addition to any workout programme you may be doing, and it really helps to increase your rep ranges. When I did this for pullups with good form it my rep range shot up by 8 reps easily within 2-3weeks. You don’t do all the pressup or pullups (whatever exercise you are working on that day) and the goal is to increase your max set. So lets say for example that you max out with good form on 40 fist pressup. You aim for 35 fist pressup, and you aim to do at least 10-15sets of that in a day, the next time you do this workout (you might do this once a week or three times a week) you increase it by 2 reps and do ten to 15 sets, and each separate workout day you increase the rep range slowly so that after a few weeks your total of fist pressup in one go might now be 60.


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