Sods Law

It is typical that when the shift pattern changes this week, that I could go to all the training sessions this week, my car failed its MOT so spectacularly that I needed to get a new car, and a rib injury from when I was doing ground work, and my side was stretched out and I received a powerful knee to the ribs has become worse  through both being stupid at work and working out at the gym, means I can’t train for a little while.

This of course leads me to eating more and almost going back to a Christmas binge style Dan. But I have to keep in mind my new perspective, a new year, a new car (well a new used car), a chance to go back to the Armstrong routine, whilst not that intense, it focus’s on increasing your reps (especially with my modifications), and a chance to try a few Qigong classes. I just have to look at the long run, I’m resting other injuries that don’t get rested through weekly training, and when I return (I will probably see if i can this wed/thur but I won’t do any sparring/grappling.throwing/situps) I will have to start slowly and build up. It is annoying because I was making really good progress, and was really looking forward to going back to the dojo.

Also because of work, I can’t help out with the Karate kids at the moment, which is a real shame, I was starting to quite like them and I was clearly growing as both a karateka and a person through learning on how to teach others, I am not as shy as I use to be, largely thanks to being outside my comfort zone with them.

I really need to see if I can arrange one of my days off permanently on a Thursday, that way I can guarantee that i can train at least once a week, and maybe still help out with the kids.

Think positively, think positively, think positively, oh wait I’m not in the wizard of OZ.


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