My way of Sanchin

There have been some positives and negatives with doing Sanchin kata everyday, in terms of my karate development. On the plus side I has allowed me to keep training and to keep sane whilst at work, for when you get one of those quick quiet moments you can sneak in doing Sanchin kata several times a day. It is a great way of taking my mind away from work, and to have a little me time focusing on something I enjoy.

I noticed last Saturday when we did some sparring that I could throw and land more punches, through the use of the body’s mechanics and direct line that Sanchin teaches. I also noticed that my guard had dropped significantly leaving my head more exposed than usual. Or it could be that I was more aware of this fact.

Which means I either need to do Geksai kata more often, or whenever I see a mirror I should practice a brief shadow sparring, to help me raise up my guard and therefore defence. I quite clearly have a long way to go with my martial development through this kata, perhaps I should listen to Sensei’s words “its not how many times a day you do Sanchin kata, it’s doing Sanchin ideas” he then went on to say that he does it a few times a day, but that its about “feeling what he does” feeling how his Sanchin works, and how it translates to martial arts, fighting, movement etc.


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