Why I wanted to become a writer-the dream about a quest

Listening to comments from my parents about how my writing would be more interesting if I put more of myself into my character, I have decided to write the dream that started it all. Which I simply call Quest. I have always had a huge imagination, and I am often known as someone who’s head has always been in the clouds. Even when i had a Chinese girlfriend she gave me the nickname Wu Tian Yu, which means dreamer. Well anyway I had this epic of my a normal day sixth form life, where me and two friends went through to this amazing world, where we were given gifts or abilities, and I had a sword! Any dream where you are given a sword has to be awesome.

Anyway I will do a summary of it later, but this dream when I was 17 changed my life. I knew then that i wanted to be a writer and create and since then I had a series of epic dreams that i briefly wrote down, which will shape one of my fantasy worlds.

I have decided that I will write Quest down on this blog, as it won’t affect any of my main stories, and I can invest alot in that story as its close to my heart.


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