Strengths of this year, and a idea for next year

If I were to categorise this year of strength training, I would definitely say it was the year of the pullup. My back muscles have increased alot on strength, which has provided me with alot more speed and power in my martial arts. No longer will I separate the two entirely.

This has also been the year of bodyweight training, and I turned away from weight training, but after this year I want to bring both back into the fold. However I will not go to the same pattern as I use to follow, just one week at the gym when I followed a bodybuilding type programme and I felt really stiff slow and sluggish. When we grappled in training I felt more vulnerable because my muscle were so much stiffer. It really made me see the light. I want to incorporate my explosive training such as kettlebells, clean and presses and still adapt my workouts as I see fit.

I will only do my heavy lifting kind with a weighted vest, doing bodyweight exercises to help me train my different kinds of strength.

Watching videos like barstarzz on youtube is really inspiring, so while I will maintain on doing even more pullups, this year is going to be the year of the core, as that is a really weak area. Sure this year I can now do hanging knee ups and hanging leg raises but the core is the centre of our strength nor only in training but also in the martial arts world and the real world.



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