How I have grown this year as a martial artist

This year has been a good year for my martial arts training, training in china changed me in more ways then I now still don’t fully understand. I still train for strength, but I now train for speed. I have learnt alot this year because I have been able to compare what I do, what others do, and what I did in China. I have questioned and reasoned and I have probably mentally matured more as a martial artist then anything.

I have read even more martial arts books, I experiment with things in class, even if some blackbelts look at me odd. I have learnt that the way for me to learn is to experiment, I no longer take the same things for granted. I’m nowhere near the finished article but I am now adapting what I learnt in china to the style that I love to learn.

I will keep up with the training as well as I can, I will still strength train but this year I’m also going to go back to cardio, it is amazing the lasting affect I have had from all the running in china, and while this last year has been good to rest the joints from it (I tend to swim alot) I will have to face the devil I know if I want to feel like I’m ready for my next grade, Shodan-ho.


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