Goals for 2013

Strength training -Keep up the bodyweight training, include explosive weight training and to restart my cardio (especially after             this week of eating way too much! I think I was able to eat alot this year, because I did a heavy week of fast swimming last week, and doing some crazy training with my brother.

Goju Ryu- To try and practice Sanchin and Shisochin kata s everyday, when possible. I think both kata s have a nice balance to them, and in the last few weeks (except when I had to stop to focus on a course) Sanchin kata has actually improved the speed in my punches, but also my grounding.

Writing-To continue writing my first novel, and to start one of my big ideas. Even if the story itself is set years before the main story continues.

Adventure- I will lay the stepping stones to be able to go on another adventure of a lifetime. I will also try to have my own adventures  and try to explore my homeland even more.



2 Responses to Goals for 2013

  1. Kristin :) says:

    Great goals!! Can’t wait to hear about more adventures 🙂 Any in particular you’re thinking of?

    • djsolly1 says:

      After I sorted my life out here and gain my blackbelt I want to go backpacking, whether I start with the Americans or Asia I keep changing my mind. But I will have 18 months to sort my life out first and then I can do the thing I crave the most.

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