Achievements of the year.

After the high of my adventure in China, this year I felt a great low. In my heart I am an adventurer, and when I am ready and have achieved certain goals I will go on the biggest adventure.

But when I look back on it, I have achieved much more than I have in the past with my goals. My fitness training as literal sky rocketed, some of the things I can now do I never thought possible.

My martial arts have evolved alot, since I have been aware that I’m not as strong as i use to be (well it was more of my own perspective  and getting some bad injuries, helped me to be more understanding of others in training and help to train with them at their level. One girl said to me that before China she was terrified to train with me, because I’m naturally heavy handed. But now I’m much more aware of what I can do. She also said that the reason she passed her last grading was because of me, when she couldn’t do a certain technique I didn’t let her give up, and we adapted it until  she could manage it. She said to me that I would never know how much it meant to her for me to help her. And she will never know how much a comment like that, has had a profound effect on me.

I started to help teach kids karate, and gained more confidence in myself because of it.

I started writing out the three main ideas I have for my three big fantasy stories, I have developed those worlds more than I thought I could, although they can always do with more work.

I have finally had the balls to create a blog, which has enabled me to get use to writing frequently, the standards of my writing has evolved alot more than I thought possible.

And through this confidence, and the inspiration of the hobbit I have created a second blog, to start writing my first novel. Although I know it will be rubbish, it will be my first attempt, and instead of planning it out like the big stories I hope to one day write, I’m going to write it the same way I write poetry, off the top of my head.  And with much more practice I will hopefully get alot better at it, and can in future start writing one of my big ideas.



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