Developing my personal Sanchin Kata

Both me and a karate mate have the book “the way of Sanchin kata” by Kris wilder and today we got to try out the little tests within the book. First I would like to say even know I learnt a lot about Sanchin through Sanzhan in china, and knew that Sanchin kata held many secrets, I never realised that it contained so many subtle techniques and principles. What’s interesting is that to start learning Sanchin kata you need to exaggerate everything, the hip movements, the breath, the way you torque your body. But as you start to refine it, I never realised that the subtle use of the hip movement when moving in Sanchin kata is designed so that when you do a kick, you are training yourself to not make it obvious you are going to kick an opponent until it is too late. The same with punching, and using the principles along the lizard brain and parallax sighting to make it hard for the opponent to detect when you are about to hit them until it is too late.

Also I am now able to physically realise how you generate the power from the ground, through your heel when punching, moving or blocking. I notice great similarities with the wing chun form, and style of fighting, which has surprised me, with use the body’s natural body structure to give you strength, rather than just your muscles. When my mate and me took our strength out of the equation, and focused on the subtle techniques that we had read, driving through the heel, tilt the tail bone, roll the shoulders and tuck the chin in, it immediately made a difference to the resistance our partner was making, and able to accommodate this pressure not from strength but from sound technique.  I also noticed that when I felt that I had the correct body alignments, and was driving through the floor, that I was relying a lot on my latissimus dorsi muscles to get me through that sequence (such as our partner is resisting the slow punch with tension)  more so then my mate. Whether because to me that was natural, or whether because I have spend the past 15 months focusing on Sanzhan and pullups is something I don’t know yet.

We both realise that it will take years for us to master this deceptive kata, but we are exicted that we are going down the right track.


2 Responses to Developing my personal Sanchin Kata

  1. charliereeve says:

    Really nice post. Thanks for sharing.


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