Osu, Ous or OUSSSS

Osu, Ous or OUSSSSSS

I love the word Osu, no matter what style of karate you may learn, no matter what country you are from, Osu is the word of many meanings, it is also the one word that unifies us all under the name of karate-ka!

It is the word of many meanings, are you ready to fight Osu!, Do you want to do some more fist press-ups OSU!, are you having fun Osu! Do you understand what I said Osu! I love this word! It is a word that we use to express ourselves, it is a word that I gain a lot of strength from, when for example you are going through a grading, and you are being beasted and you feel like you can’t take anymore and they ask you something you shout Osu and you have so much more energy to give, it’s a word that keeps you going.

We often have funny stories about the accidental use of Osu outside the dojo, whether at work college or school, to parents or friends who don’t do martial arts. I use to use it all the time when I was training in kung fu in china and I had to do press-ups down the steep stairs as a part of my training, everyone looked at me as if I was mad saying Osu to every press up on every step, where in fact it is a word I use to help me get through the last few steps that I was struggling on, the word guided me through the pain and by using the power of Osu I was able to complete the challenge.

Some believe in the power of god, others the sun, I believe in the power of OSU.


2 Responses to Osu, Ous or OUSSSS

  1. moxyjen says:

    Haha! I love this post. When I first got back into martial arts, I started with a muay thai gym. I felt really out of place, and was sooo nervous that my instructor was going say something and I was going to respond with “OS!” and blurt it out in the middle of class. That’s from about 6 months of Shotokan when I was 12. It sticks with you.

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