Its all a matter of perspective

As anyone who reads this blog knows, Goju Ryu has a very big place in my heart. Of course my family comes first. Anyway last week I started my new job, which has long hours and is a shift based pattern, and they were getting me use to all the different shifts in the week and I wasn’t able to go to any karate sessions last week. I hit a bit of a low because it is something I love doing, and I really hated the fact that it could really affect my karate. I think it was the first time I had Gi withdrawal symptoms  Also the job can be mind numbing at times, and I had a fear of it affecting my creative writing, as I even dreamed about work and not my action packed fantasy dreams.

So to me at the time it all looked very bleak, it could affect my family time, writing time and karate time, but then I decided to look at it in a more positive light. I decided to focus on Sanchin kata (I have a book on it by Kris Wilder) and a goal to practice it at least 10 times a day. I’m now not training it primarily for the body, but for the tranquil feel it gives me, as it is a form of meditation, albeit a hard style version. I have found that this keeps me sane enough to carry on with my day, and if I can really improve my Sanchin kata then maybe the rest of my karate will improve.

Another thing is that a girl I chatted to at work yesterday told me to imagine that everyone at work is a character in one of my stories, and play around the idea and let my imagination become my saviour for my mind. Also I have a tendency to over-train for things I’m passionate about, so instead of thinking I can’t do karate this week, I will now think this will give me a chance to rest my niggles and injuries, and I can focus on gym training, which is now free which is one of the very few benefits I now have with this job. Also as a karate mate said to me, and which I suggested to a fellow blogger I can use this new job as a chance to also train my mental state for martial arts, as in accessing peoples weakness, if they were to attack, how would you to defend, etc etc.

So now rather than thinking of it as a blight to my martial progress, I will use it to develop my martial (and writing progress) in ways I wouldn’t normally practice in, so rather than having a negative perspective of it, and just do nothing, I will turn this into an opportunity to grow.


One Response to Its all a matter of perspective

  1. Mike Jenkins says:

    A good philosophy for life I would say. Changing attitude slightly can find the best of any situation

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