Subconscious Writing

The way I write poetry is through sub conscious or unconscious writing, where you just start writing, and only putting the words that come to your head as they appear. Over the years my poetry as improved alot, like anything through repetition and practice. I have tried the same with fantasy writing, not for my main stories or anything like that, as you need to plan, and edit etc.  But to help get the creative juices flowing and get use to writing in that format or style of writing.

I have some big ideas and plans for my main writing, but I feel I should practice writing short stories in the subconscious style, then edit them to get me use to writing stories, the way I’m use to writing poetry. I think the big fear for me is that I have the great ideas in my head, but I don’t want to ruin them, and this fear holds me back. So in an attempt to get me practicing in the style of writing I want to for my fantasy stories, I have decided that I will start putting the subconscious story ideas on my blog, as a means to keep developing my story writing skills.

I know the quality won’t be good, I shield too much of my story ideas, I haven’t practised  it won’t be planned out like my main stories (which I seem to hide away from the world like Gollum with the one ring) and I will have to except that to get any better I will have to go through a rut of writing bad stories, but this way when I start writing the stories I really want I will have a better skill base to deal with them.

Please feel free to comment on any subconscious stories I may put on here, it will be the best for me to learn what ways I write well, and what ways I need alot more work


One Response to Subconscious Writing

  1. moxyjen says:

    Yeah! I love it when bloggers post short stories.

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