The power of truth, the journey within us all.

The mind is boggled with thoughts of desperations and hope,

I will need to find a way to shine my light upon the world,

Even in its darkest abyss, the abyss that is coming to consume us all,

But where the abyss brings darkness and fear,

It also brings in hope, the abyss maybe the destroyer of worlds,

But it is also the bringer of life,

That we can’t comprehend its entirety means nothing to structure and order of the cosmos,

But in trying to understand it,

We can learn from it,

The search for the truth should be our ultimate goal, but what is truth,

One man’s truth is another man’s falsehood,

Never blindly trust but also never stubbornly become a cynic,

It’s like Taoism with yin and yang,

You need the balance of both to find your way,

So what if there are many truths,

For life is like the many layers of an onion,

Or the many rings that define the age of a tree,

Follow the path of your way,

Not someone else’s way,

Deep inside you is the spirit that with gives the smallest but greatest light into the abyss that comes for us all


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