Putting in the extra effort, makes a difference

Its really nice to know when you have been practicing drills by yourself, they start to pay dividends at training sessions. One example of this is the drill I created which I mentioned in “kicking a journey in itself” and I have been practicing this drill now and then for the last 4 months. I noticed on Thursday’s karate session, whilst doing kihon-ido that when we had to string together a series of kicks that I was able to do so with greater speed than most. This put a huge smile on my face which did lead to over confidence, but it was exciting to see the fruit of me practicing a drill that I created to improve my fluidity between kicks evolving really well.

Which lead me to notice that during sparring, when I decided to go for quick speed rather than brute force that I fell into a pattern that I learnt in China (A year ago now L )where I was simply improving my fist conditioning and inch power from a makiwara box on the wall. When used in sparring I ended up using the technique to drop someone’s arms and immediately strike them on the rebound from their own arm. I will have to learn not to overuse this technique I accidentally acquired from China, as it can give me an extra advantage in training. But that means I will have to keep training it, its just a shame that they a makiwara box damages a wall so much.

This gives me greater confidence after I felt a little down last Saturday, when we were working on switch step foot work, and feigning a jab. They are two techniques I need to work on, and I felt big and clumsy. But after last Thursday I now know that if I start drilling them regularly like I have with the other two techniques that I have mentioned, there is no reason why I can’t ingrain them into my own style (whatever that is).


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