Origins the start or the middle of a Journey

One thing I am always drawn to when writing is doing origin stories for main characters, most of the fantasy stories that I have really liked started when the main or main characters have prior to the start of their journey and you get to share in their character growth and journey into the full developed and strong character that they could of potentially of become prior to the event, shaped from their highs and lows. But there are other fantasy stories where you meet the character several years after their origins, and while they are more developed and you don’t share the same growth with that character, the character is shrouded in further mystery, and it is easier to bring out characters that have been crucial to the last few years since his origin (origin as in start of his or her journey or beginning of their new abilities).

So I soon I may be reaching a crossroads, am I just building up the characters background to make him (or her) more of a well rounded character, or should I follow more of the traditional path and have a character who appears inept and out of his comfort zone slowly overcome all the things he thought was possible.


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