How to tap into your inner animal

As for the aggression, it is something that comes naturally to me, I view it as the animal side of my spirit it is the beast inside that not fights to survive but fights to live. Life itself is a battle and if we gives in to it we will never rise above our demons. My inner animal is what gives me lots of energy and passion for life, its why I can train harder than most people, why I have alot of passion for both martial arts and strength training.

The two ways that I can think at this moment to tap into your inner animal is either to use all your frustrations and inner demons as a fuel to drive you on, instead of letting them make you weaker, you use them to make you stronger, on why you should keep moving forward. The other way, is inspired from a YouTube video by Elliot Huse
where he says you actually roar when training (like hitting the punching bag) to help you release your aggression, it will seem very silly but its a way that could help you tap into your aggression.

You should never be afraid of the animal within you, nor should you allow it to take control over you, I see it is as an energy source that makes gives you more passion for life.


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