Last man standing- Teaching

We have been having bad weather recently, with lots of heavy rain and flooding, combine that with some of our blackbelt’s taking a taster session in another part of the city and also combined with the fact that Sensei was running late meant that for the first time I had to start the class off, at least until reinforcements arrived to save my bacon.

I was nervous about it and waited as long as possible until I knew that no one was coming anytime soon to be in charge of the class. Oh boy. So pushing my nervousness aside I pretended to assume an air of authority and started with just loosening the body. I decided to follow in example with how two of the senior grade take the class, one is all about fitness plyometric strength and you know that you have done a workout, but then for the rest of the class you feel like you’re going to pull a muscle. Whereas the main sempai makes sure you have loosened the body in preparation for a good workout.  So I combined the two and made sure that our muscles and joints were ready, we did some shadow boxing, went for a run and did random stuff that came to my head. Then I got us to go into pairs in a line and focused on my strengths on fitness. I have a very explosive upper body, so I focused on that area to give everyone a good workout until Sensei arrived.

By then I had lost my nervousness and really enjoyed leading the class, like a sergeant in the army. And I noticed that I didn’t feel nervous when he let me finish off the fitness section, which for me is strange because normally if I think people are watching me teach, I start to panic, but Sensei has such a calm demur about him (Except when he is in a fighting mood!) that I felt much more confident leading the class.

My friend told me after the class that I didn’t show any kind of nervousness and kept everyone busy. Teaching is definitely a new learning curve for me, I am starting to enjoy it more, even if you get the odd oddball who makes it more difficult (that was on a different day). Teaching is like sparring, playing rugby or doing any big challenge, you have to keep your inner demons at bay and use them for fire to succeed in your chosen task.


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