The Man of Many Names

One wouldn’t believe how many nicknames a person could have,

But here I am, the man of many names and here is a list of nicknames I have had.

When I was a child my mum would call me petal and precious,

Because I was her youngest Child,

As I got older it turned into : Daniel don’t, Daniel behave, Daniel Shut up, Daniel do as your told, Daniel be quiet, Daniel I have had enough,

I consider the above line one nickname, so many pleasant memories of it,

And it stopped when my mother’s roommate started to list them,

My father had a different way of giving me nicknames such as,

Prick, W*****, Useless, he used these nicknames to try and motivate me,

But his more creative ones were f****et and fixit,

Because I would break something and he would have to fix it,

Late for breakfast, as I was never late which turned to Fred because apparently Fred was never late for breakfast,

I still don’t know who Fred was,

He also called me Alowishus to make me sound grand and regal and add it after my middle name,

In school I was called Solly as it is the family nickname, which is also my sister’s name that my dad changed on the birth certificate before my mum knew what was happening,

When I played rugby I was called psycho, for I was a quiet and shy, but I would roar and scare people twice my size,

I got told off for intimidating the bigger players,

When I went to China to train in Kung Fu the new list of nicknames knew no bounds,

I was called Puppy, kiwi-puppy, Sweaty Puppy, Pomi-Kiwi –Dan, Niagara Falls, Bear, The Beast and of cause Daniel-San!

I won’t go into great detail but I was called puppy because I’m very excitable,

And when I met a beautiful girl in China she gave me the Chinese name of Wu Tian Yu,

Back in karate I have been called the raging bull (prior China), the bear, the Ox and puppy again! Then I tried to combine the two and be called oxy-puppy but people never call you what you name yourself!

I hope you enjoyed the many names of me, I wonder what I will be called next!


One Response to The Man of Many Names

  1. You’re just Dan to me. Although, I can see where the ‘puppy’ bit comes from!
    Nice post.

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