From the depths of despair rises the Phoenix.

Into the bowls of despair I reach,

Ready to take my leap,

Darkness consumes my soul,

Pain is all I know,

From the searing pain and madness,

I only feel the Loneliness and sadness

That consumes my soul,

As I walk up the path on top of the Volcano,

Its ashes become a mask,

Hiding me from the world,

Who Did I kid,

I don’t deserve my dreams,

As I plunge into the firey madness,

I get tears of pain from its searing ash,

Sadness leads to Pain,

Pain leads to anger,

Righteous Anger,

How dare I let the world get to me,

How dare it make me feel this way,

How dare I let myself feel this way,

I am a fighter damn to hell those that try to forsake me,

I will not go down without a fight,

The anger pulses through my veins,

I will not go down crying,

I will only go down fighting,

Searing pain explodes through my arms,

As the fiery wings of the Phoenix sprout through my arms,

I fight against the drag of the Ash,

The depths of hell want me to pull me down,

I beat my wings against the strong tide,

I rise through the ashes,

Through the searing pain that life can be

Scarred through my journey,

But reborn like the Phoenix,

I will follow my dreams,

I won’t give up without a fight,

I will use this pain to become the man,

I was born to be.


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