Shisochin; the four ways of bunkai

Training yesterday was very fun as we got to do bunkai for Shisochin, which is especially exciting for me as I am just starting to learn the bunkai for it. Shisochin means “to destroy in four directions” but can be interpreted as “to destroy in four ways”, and we had to see if we could get that four different bunkai for each part of the kata could target the four ways that make up Shisochin. The four areas that this kata specialises are vital point strikes, knockouts, joint and limb destruction and crushing impact.

What we noticed is that most parts of the kata could hit all four categories, but it largely depended on the angle and your interpretation of that part of the kata, and depending on the many ways you could possible but not probably damage someone. With the freedom of experimenting  we were able to come up with a lot of interesting bunkai’s, I do love these technical sessions (we had a fitness session before this one) and you do get to learn a lot from 3 Nidan’s.


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