Extra training with mates.

Some Sundays I get the chance to do some extra training with a mate; he has a friend who lets us use his martial arts gym. I do enjoy this type of training as we have the opportunity to practice parts of Goju that we can only touch upon in class because it’s a university club (nothing wrong with that as we get to reinforce the basics which is always crucial) so our Sunday time is gives us a chance to work on lots of different things.

Sometimes we just practice bunkai, sometimes we practice grappling locks and throws with others from other martial arts and we get to share ideas and drill stuff we don’t get a chance to. Sometimes we spar, hit pads etc, but we have decided to practice some drills at the start of the session that is strictly Goju Ryu so we have been doing a lot of kakie (sticky hands) and Hatkutsuru-te (White Crane hands). I feel like they are really helping to improve are defence and reflex, especially my mate, as he seems to becoming more and more natural at it. With kakie we use it more try and experiment with applications be it sudden pulls of misdirection, inch strike or throws.

Today I got us to practice san dan gi, and I definitely think it’s a great tool to help improve our sticky hands or defence reflexes. It is especially good for me to practice Hatkutsuru-te, kakie and san Dan GI as it helps me evolve from my primal way of fighting which is smashing and attacking when it comes to sparring. I like San Dan Gi as it makes you use both arms for blocking a move, to train you to always keep in contact with your opponent’s arms. My mate did some sparring while I practiced my kicking and hit the heavy punch bag, and afterwards we had a judo match. Hopefully next Sunday we can still drill Hatkutsuru-te and San Dan Gi, and experiment with applications off of Kakie, and hopefully we can practice anything else that comes to mind, as Sunday’s are the time to experiment!


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