Comparing the short range power of Goju Ryu and White Crane

While I feel that the inch power of Goju Ryu and White Crane are of a similar level, they employ slightly different methods to achieve it. They both rely on a stable base and a strong core to achieve this power, Goju Ryu uses the hip to fire out this power, like a boxers punch, the strength comes from the core, and we use the last inch of the punch to torque the body into the punch.

When I was discussing this with a blackbelt on the night duty at the last summer school, and I was telling him of the inch power in white crane was of a similar impact to the Sanchin inch punch he assumed I was still referring to the hip. I showed him that I could use short range power without pulling the arms back, but mainly relying on my stance and short range explosiveness of my arms.

The abs are still tight, but you are able to generate it from your lats and forearms. It is really hard to explain as it took me a few weeks in China to be able to generate this kind of power, through practice of the Sanzhan form and makiwara training.

I had an interesting discussion with Sensei the other day, he was say how the Okinawan system is a similar way to generate power to the Chinese, but that it was hard  for the Okinawans returning to Okinawa to describe how they generate this power, which lead to the exaggerated movement of the hips, as both the stance and the core are key to developing the short range power.


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