Where the passion for writing started.

It all started with a dream, no I am serious it literal started with a dream, let me explain.

I have always had my head in the clouds, been a deep thinker and always making up fantasy stories in my head for my own entertainment.  As a late teen I had put that behind me and was getting on with sixth form, when I had an epic dream. It was my first epic dream, and it was so inspiring i had to write it down, then I tried to add back story and extra characters to it. It wasn’t very good, but the dream had inspired me to write.

Over the years through university I had more epic, and epic dreams, alot of my writing was me writing the dreams down, and comparing them to my own day fantasy’s and trying to create my own stories. To me dreams can be as real as real life experiences, not in the sense that they are real worlds, but it is an experience your mind or soul goes through, I am scared of snakes and crocodiles not because of what had happened to me in real life, but what had happened to me in a dream.

Most of my creative writing stems from my real life imagination nowadays, but it was the dreams that helped me gain a passion for writing, and 6 of my epic dreams are in fact the history to my fantasy world on Venus.


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