Goal as a writer

One of my goals in life is to become a writer, I have always had a very active imagination, full of colour and massive. When people ask me do I want to write a novel, they are usually in for a shock. Each world I have created (at least in my notes and my head) are massive, with a need for alot of detail, I have a novel series idea based on Venus, one on Angels and demons, one on Modern day Templar knights and one about parallel worlds. As friends have told me, even my simple stories have a huge complicated back story. I feel any book I will write needs alot of substance, and to feel that the world itself is alive.


2 Responses to Goal as a writer

  1. Good luck with your future writing. Just go for it. I started out with ideas and notes everywhere! That first step is hard, but then it gets a little easier.

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