Why Boris Johnson should become Prime minister of the Uk

No I am not mad and I am not delusional I believe that Boris Johnson should become the next prime minister, and I also believe that he has the potential to be one of the best Prime Ministers we could have in decades. I have four main points in this article which shows my argument in question.

The first point is that he has more experience, than not only the current Prime Minster and the two previous incumbents but also the liberal democratic leader and labour leader. The current generation of politicians are known as professional politicians, they’re whole career after leaving university been solely politics, and this has lead them into a sheltered life away from normality. How can they even relate to the people whom, they are supposed to represent, when they have no experience of real life. How do they have the audacity to believe that they should govern us without earning the right to.  Say what you will about Borris Johnson, but he does have real life experience, he was the editor of the Observer, and still writes articles for the Daily Telegraph.

Borris has gained leadership and managerial skills whilst being the mayor of London, which is no easy task. In many ways you could argue that being mayor of London gives him the skills required to become prime minister, a sort of apprenticeship into the larger role. David Cameron, Gordon Brown and tony Blair did not have any leadership/managing experience outside of parliamentary politics, what real life experience did they have, what was on their CV that made them the best to become the leaders of our beloved country. Except for Cameron’s and Blair’s charisma presentation and oratory skills (and we have seen what good they do to the country, sarcasm is full tilt) they have had no experience in  governing prior to their election, whereas Borris Johnson has had governing experience for over four years.

What could be argued as a weakness of Borris Johnson, I view as a strength, and that his perceived persona of being a buffoon in public. How many politicians could get away with the antics that Borris has been involved in, half of the events that has happened to Borris would destroy the average politicians career via ridicule. By being seen as the eccentric uncle of the Britain he is able to go about his business with relative ease as he is constantly underestimated. What people have to realise is that it’s a persona and nothing more. He is a lot stronger and smarter than people presume, which allows him to implement the views he holds without the resistance most politicians receive.

One characteristic that I greatly admire in Borris and a few other politicians his integrity to put his values first.  He stands up for what Londoners want at the expense of part politics, he will do what he views is right, then to bow down to part pressure via the whips. Most politicians who stand up for their constituency get punished and will never progress far in the political kingdom, a politician has to climb the greasy pole (named for a reason) in order to be able to be in a position of power. Borris is one of the rare politicians who is able to follow his principles, put the people represents first rather than be forced to bow to pressure.

In conclusion I believe that Johnson could be the next Winston Churchill in the making, with both men standing up to what they believed was right, being underestimated because of their appearance and being considered idiots by the elites of politics. But most politicians live in an elitist political bubble, do we really want another shell of Prime minister who is all appearance ad no substance, or do we want our future Prime Minister to have the right qualities to lead us into a better world.


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