The Tranquillity of Kumite (sparring)

Some use rage to win in Kumite,

It leaves them open to over confidence,

It diminishes their awareness and they are vulnerable to attack,

Some use fear to give them the ability to survive,

It leaves them open to under confidence,

They will be aware of the danger but too timid to react to it,

Fear can lead to pain and rage can lead to injury,

The truth of Kumite lies in the path in between these,

You need the rage to give you the spirit to not let life take you down,

You need fear to help protect yourself and those that you love,

Everytime I have been too confident I have always wound up hurt,

Everytime I feared too much it was like a mountain to climb, and drained the soul,

To succeed in Kumite you need to embrace both feelings,

To win the battle of mind body and soul,

The real truth and trick to sparring,

Is don’t think about sparring,

You are simply sparring,

The fear relies on over thinking,

Over analysing the possibilities

The rage relies on no thought but winning the battle,

To prove something of yourself,

True Kumite embraces both these feelings these aspects of your soul,

It is like a form of meditation,

Qigong if you wish,

Going through a flow,

A pattern of you and your opponent,

You become part of the rhythm,

The dance between two friends or foes,

Accept the rhythm,

Once you stop thinking about sparring,

Stop thinking about winning,

Stop thinking about injury,

And just simply spar,

Time slows down and your awareness increases,

Pain is reduced and the fear is gone,

Just except that you are simply sparring

Let your training take over, let the animal inside you,

Your spirit guide you,

Accept the rhythm and find peace,

When you’re in the battle of life of Kumite.


6 Responses to The Tranquillity of Kumite (sparring)

  1. I love this!! I kind of want to post this on my wall or something. Great stuff!

  2. djsolly1 says:

    Reblogged this on aquaquad and commented:

    This is one of my favourite poems that I have written. It was the first time that I had written a poem that was about martial arts. But I don’t think it just applies to sparring or martial arts, but with peoples approach to life.

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