Goju Ryu Karate

This part of my blog will be about my martial art experience and my perception as I continue to grow and develop in it. I am currently 2nd kyu Brown Belt Studying Goju Ryu karate a style that I enjoy and believe suits my needs in the martial arts world. I also trained for three months in studying White Crane in China, a style that influenced Goju Ryu’s development, and which I believe has me to not only progress more in Goju ryu, but also understand more of its history. I don’t claim to be an expert, but since China I have be going through more eureka moments (karate people will knows this as doing moves and having a general understanding, but then something clicks after months or years of practicing that one move, and its meaning, motion and its purpose suddenly jump at us) and I want to start writing these moments down, so that I can (and maybe others) have something to remind me of the progress I’ve made and recall anything I may of lost through time.


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